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  • Aerostar Training Services

    Aerostar Training Services

    Flight School

    Founded by Airline Professionals, for Professional Airline Pilots AeroStar Training Services is located in the Greater Orlando area, in the heart of Kissimmee, Florida. Provider of first class airline pilot training, AeroStar was founded by airline professionals in 2008. An FAA Certified 141 & 142 Training Center, we serve the needs of individuals seeking a career as a successful airline professional. We focus on the highest quality training, yet making it affordable and flexible, to meet the needs of our customers’ busy schedules. We offer a wide range of certification and endorsement programs in airline pilot training including initial pilot training, ATP CTP aircraft type ratings in the Airbus A320 Series, Boeing 737, Boeing 737NG and BBJ. We also provide maintenance, charter, airline management and personnel services, in addition to professional flight attendant training. (We’re one of the leading flight attendant schools worldwide!) We are also one of only the few schools in the world who can offer students a complete flight training program from zero hours to ATP CTP and type rating. AeroStar always welcomes international students!
  • Elite IAS

    Elite IAS

    Coaching Centre

    ELITE IAS is one of the Best IAS coaching in Delhi for civil services preparation.
  • My Guitar GC

    My Guitar GC

    Music is a skill that is going to allow you to express yourself in a harmonious and melodic way for your entire life

    My Guitar Gold Coast is the team that you are going to be able to turn to for all of your Guitar lesson needs. We use a holistic approach for our lessons, and we know that you are going to feel like an entirely new individual with remarkable musical skills when you are through with us.
  • All Campus

    All Campus


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  • Flying A Turbine

    Flying A Turbine

    Turboprop Training

    Flying A Turbine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers specialized turbine transition training for pilots advancing their certification from piston-powered aircraft to turbine-powered aircraft.