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  • Lip Fillers Melbourne

    Lip Fillers Melbourne

    Beauty Salon

    World Leading Non surgical Cosmetic Studio Providing World Renowned non surgical treatments for the Lip.

    In New York City, if you are searching for the best family therapist then contact Dr. Wendee Schildhaus....

    In Tampa, FL, if you are searching for a registered dietitian then approach Natural Choice Nutrition.
  • Dr. Michelle

    Dr. Michelle


    Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D. is Florida’s leading hearing care expert and Doctor of Audiology, with over 25 years of experience caring for patients of all ages. Based in South Florida, covering Miami-Dade and Monroe counties; Dr. Michelle cares for the hearing health of a small handful of her Private Patients, these include a number of well-known celebrities and media personalities. Dr. Michelle also has an active involvement in two international humanitarian projects helping hearing impaired children globally.
  • Doctor Kupfer

    Doctor Kupfer

    Doctor Kupfer Audiology

    Dr. Hadassah Kupfer is a highly qualified and community-focused Audiologist, exclusive to your neighborhood. It is her sole aim to make the best audiological care available to all who need it, regardless of circumstance, and to educate the Mill Basin population on how to care for their own hearing throughout their lives. The setup of her office and her approach puts patient comfort at the forefront.