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  • Niamh Shaw

    Niamh Shaw

    Niamh Shaw

    Hi!. I’m Niamh! I’m a performer, writer & communicator with 2 degrees in engineering & a PhD in science. Passionate about igniting peoples curiosity, I explore crossovers in STEM, art & communication to share the human story of science. But principally, I’ve set myself a life’s mission to get to space as artist and citizen. I’ve created 3 theatre shows, 3 multimedia installations, oodles of public events, hit a zero gravity flight, witnessed live launches & landings of astronaut crews, completed over 20 EVA hrs as analogue astronaut at simulated Mars missions, studied & lectured at ISU’s Space Studies Programme, created my first RTÉ radio series ‘Curious Humans’. If you like what I do, would like to know more, are interested in sponsoring #getniamhtospace, or would like us to work together, I’d love to hear from you. Ad Astra.


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